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Information and tools for contractors and developers looking to do business with Hudson Light & Power.

Doing Business with Hudson Light & Power

Over the past 100‐plus years, Hudson Light has grown from 22 accounts in 1897 – mostly businesses in the downtown Hudson area – to more than 13,000 accounts today in Hudson, Stow and parts of surrounding areas.


Entrepreneurs brought in new housing and businesses to change the face of what was a rural apple country to a shoe factory town in the 1900’s to today’s unique mix of industry, residences and open land.


Along the way, developers, contractors, electricians, vendors and more have worked with Hudson Light to meet the needs of the communities we service. The information and documents on this page are provided with these people in mind.

Invitation to Bid

2024-2025 Tree Trimming

Addendum - 1

Prevailing Wage







General Manager: Brian Choquette

Distribution: Derek Scott, Superintendent

Power Station: Adam Hopkins, Superintendent

Financials: Jinping Tian, Business Manager

Engineering: Xiaofeng Yan, Principal Engineer

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