You can balance your monthly energy bill and pay a more consistent amount month to month by signing up for our Residential Budget Billing program. The Budget Program begins in October.  September is the “Settlement Month” when you pay your actual bill.

Eligibility: To qualify for the budget your account must be current with no outstanding balance.

Determining the budget: We determine your monthly budget based on your past 12-month usage, taking into consideration weather patterns and anticipated billing changes, if any.

Review: We review your budget periodically, and your budget may be adjusted accordingly.

Credits:    Any credit at the end of the budget period is either rolled into your next budget or applied to your bill if you choose not to enroll in the program again.

Leaving the Budget Early: You can choose to opt out of the budget, but please contact us at 978-568-8736 so you do not lose any discounts.

To request the budget or for more information, call us at 978-568-8736 or email